Mom's Top Secret Word Page.....

Reviewed by Mom's Secret Word Page....Shhh!!!


Welcome to Reviewed by Mom's Top Secret Word Page!  I love a good game or twist so I thought it would be fun to introduce a new option to for my giveaways!  For each giveaway there will be an option to visit my Top Secret Word Page.  Each day of the week there will be a new word.  Simply check the page for the appropriate word for the day of the week and post it in the Rafflecopter when asked.  That's it!  Just another new and fun way to earn more entries.  

*Remember, you can come back each day and do this for all of my giveaways!  Good Luck and Shh......

Sunday:  Pilgrim
Monday:  Foliage
Tuesday:  Turkey
Wednesday: Pumpkin
Thursday: Thankful
Friday:  Shopping 
Saturday: Resting


Anonymous said...

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Renee Rousseau said...

I look forward to your creative seasonal secret words!